Xfsdump and xfsrestore in emergency mode

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Xfsdump and xfsrestore in emergency mode

Post by nusasara » 2017/11/30 19:21:57


I have xfs root partision that I have to shrink. Why? I have two disks. 20GB and 800GB. I don't know why but i made logical volume over two physical volumes (20GB on first disc and 30GB on second disk). This is a virtual machine. When our backup guy makes backup, he makes a backup od first disk (20GB) as 800GB is too much and is not needed as system takes "GB of place.

So I wanted to shrink root partition and logical volume. But as it is xfs it is not possible. So I wanted to add another 20GB disc and with emergency mode make a xfsdump of root filesystem and than xfsrestore. And than change mount to new LV of new root.

The problem is that command xfsdump and xfs restore don't exist in emergency mode. even though I installed it with yum in normal mode. Any idea what to do?

Thx, Denis

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