Resume from suspend: massive filesystem corruption

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Resume from suspend: massive filesystem corruption

Post by ottavio » 2017/12/04 09:22:40

HI all, my first post and aplogies if you have seen my post on Reddit.

This is my situation:

My laptop is a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E130. I've installed Centos 7 (started from minimal install, then added X WIndows, Fluxbox and Firefox) onto a brand new Kingston 16GB flash drive (This is the second usb drive I'm using. The other one had the same problem, as explained below).

The installation went ok, however if I close the lid, the laptop goes in hibernation, as expected. When the lid is open again, the system becomes unusable. I get tons of "EXT4: Buffer i/o error" messages on screen and I can't do anything but manually shutting down from the power button. Restarting the system fixes it until next time the system goes into suspend

I then installed TLP ( ... ement.html), started the service and even disabled usb autosuspend, but that didn't make any difference.

It cannot be just the flash drive because it's brand new and it replicates what happened on the other drive. I also made a smartctl against the drive and it came ok.

I usually install a complete system on a usb flash drive to check how it's working and then I transfer it onto a proper partition onto the main drive. SO, before doing this, I'd like to be sure I understand where the problem comes from.

Is there any log I should check? /var/log/messages doesn't offer any hint.

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