New here and in a bind

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New here and in a bind

Post by Beau_Man12 » 2018/01/13 00:05:07

Hello all,

Could someone point to me where to find or if there is a thread for installing Centos 7.3 on a old windows server 2008 server or something close in that range??

I can load it and reboot, but when it comes back on its asking for boot media, I have install a bootloader on my USB(sorry should of said I was using USB) and get the problem.

Then when I try from DVD I get stuck on the last step with the error "populating transaction after 10 retries failure.

Thanks in advance!!

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Re: New here and in a bind

Post by TrevorH » 2018/01/13 00:30:49

What are the hardware details? RAID? FakeRAID or hardware RAID?

Make sure you're not installing the boot loader onto your USB stick which will most likely be seen as /dev/sda. If you're installing from a USB stick, please see our wiki article to make sure you create it with a working tool - there are several that corrupt the iso image as they copy it. Information on USB key based installs can be found at - dd works best and most reliably.
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