Help with windows 10 pls

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Help with windows 10 pls

Post by lxlDanilxl » 2018/01/21 23:42:34

Yesterday I installed centos7 on my laptop, I wanted a dual-boot with Windows 10, and remove Ubuntu during the process
I think that I've selected the windows 10 boot partition instead of chose the one that used to be for Ubuntu
The problem is that now I'm not longer able to boot Windows 10, I thought that I could fix that with the repair option of the Windows installer, I pluged an USB which only use is to have windows on it, but after selecting it on the boot options, instead of running it, it got ignored and skipped to boot Centos, I tried to burn the ISO image into another USB and tried it again, but it didnt work, now all i can boot is Centos, or the USB with the Centos installer
I tried it both in Legacy Support mode and UEFI mode but it didnt work anyways
The first USB I used was in FAT 32, the second one in NTFS, i can mount both of them in Centos but obviously I can't run the .exe file

My questions now are:
1. Is there any way to boot from USB the windows recovery?
2. If the first one is not possible, is there any way to be able to run the .exe installer?

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Re: Help with windows 10 pls

Post by tunk » 2018/01/22 12:39:33

Does the USB memory stick work on other PCs?
On CentOS, can you run this command as root: fdisk -l

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