Remote desktop for CentOS 7.4

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Remote desktop for CentOS 7.4

Post by davymatt » 2018/01/23 15:21:50


If anyone has anything working for a multi-user remote graphical user interface could you let me know what you used and how you set it up?

I have been trying to update my systems to 7.4 but keep running into issues running any kind of remote desktop.

The closest I have got is by having lightdm/MATE installed with the NVidia driver from NVidia installed afterwards (to replace the kmod- bits from epel.

The issues were
1. lightdm/MATE out of the box epel/elrepo. Remote connects and immediately crashes lightdm greeter (segfault). Remotely get nothing.

Code: Select all

kernel: lightdm-gtk-gre[1636]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f9b2d4d001f sp 00007fffe3f3e308 error 4 in[7f9b2d440000+1b8000]
2. Install NVidia driver from NVidia over top of above. It is still a mystery what the graphics card on the server has to do with remote access, but there you go. This starts up a bit slow, but does seem to operate. Unfortunately when I log off this does not disconnect like every other X emulator I have ever used. This may be an X11 fault, but it has been going on all this year.
Seemed to leave a few processes running so updated /etc/systemd/logind.conf and set KillUserProcesses=yes + reboot
Still hangs on logout, but with no processes left behind.

By hang I mean the background display, minus any icons/menus, remains on screen and the X-terminal software does not get a "last session closed" message.

3. Try tigervnc/xrdp
Connection problem giving up
Log contains
  • [20180123-09:47:15] [DEBUG] xrdp_wm_log_msg: VNC connecting to 5910
    [20180123-09:47:18] [DEBUG] VNC error 1 after security negotiation
    [20180123-09:47:18] [DEBUG] VNC error before sending share flag
    [20180123-09:47:18] [DEBUG] VNC error before receiving server init
    [20180123-09:47:18] [DEBUG] VNC error before receiving pixel format
    [20180123-09:47:18] [DEBUG] VNC error before receiving name length
    [20180123-09:47:18] [DEBUG] VNC error before receiving name
    [20180123-09:47:18] [DEBUG] xrdp_wm_log_msg: VNC error - problem connecting
    [20180123-09:47:18] [DEBUG] Closed socket 25 (AF_INET
    [20180123-09:47:18] [DEBUG] xrdp_wm_log_msg: some problem
    [20180123-09:47:18] [DEBUG] xrdp_mm_module_cleanup
    [20180123-09:47:18] [DEBUG] VNC mod_exit
    [20180123-09:47:18] [DEBUG] Closed socket 24 (AF_INET


Remote PC
Windows 7 Enterprise
X-Win32 v14.0.54 2017

HP Proliant DL380G7
NVidia GeForce GT440
uname -rv
3.10.0-693.11.6.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Thu Jan 4 01:06:37 UTC 2018
with epel, elrepo & nux additional repositories
Last updated yesterday morning.

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Re: Remote desktop for CentOS 7.4

Post by stevemowbray » 2018/01/23 16:00:32

x2go works well with MATE.

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Re: Remote desktop for CentOS 7.4

Post by davymatt » 2018/01/25 14:39:08

Unfortunately the end result is the same as X-Win32 with the NVidia driver. The logoff just leaves the background behind.

Using something like that would also create some issues on one of the operational networks as they use iGel thin clients to connect rather than PCs. I am sure anything away from standard X11 & RDP will just cause me grief later. It appears the iGel will do NX, which is what this is using, so it might be an option. It looks like the issue is more fundamental than what software is connecting.

Thanks for the comment though. I don't seem to get many.


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