Apache Web Server Redirecting Requests

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Apache Web Server Redirecting Requests

Post by secondshiftadmin » 2018/02/06 18:03:10

First off I'd like to thank everyone involved for making CentOS available. What an awesome OS. Recently I installed CentOS 7 on a PC and had Apache running on it. I had an address of on it and I was able to see it on my LAN. I decided that the OS install didn't accomplish everything I hoped to so I installed a few more times until I got it right where I wanted it. Installed LAMP and gave it an IP address of changing the third octet. After I moved it to the new address I left it alone. Trying to connect to the server using Opera the browser redirects to the old IP address and then times out. Using my phone's browser I try to connect to the WAN IP address and after timing out I see that phone tried to connect to which is the old address. I doubt that there is something on the server doing the redirecting as I reinstalled CentOS a few times since I had the old IP address on it. I checked every possible configuration on my Verizon FIOS router and port forwarding is sending all port 80 traffic to

Using Juice SSH on my phone I was able to telnet to port 80 on my WAN IP address.

Anyone have any suggestions on other things I could look at?

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