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lightdm udev

Post by davymatt » 2018/02/08 14:59:50

I'm having a bit of trouble getting lightdm to work on CentOS 7.4.
It appears to leave quite a lot of stuff running after logout (and doesn't fully logout)

While investigating it looks like the remote seat is not identified in /var/log/lightdm there is a file (null)-greeter.log, which is always empty.

I understand that the seat definition should be done with udev rules (Seat), but I am unable to locate what device might be the "seat" particularly remote. I can't find anything in udevinfo info (or in /dev for that matter) that could be the remote connection.
sd_get_seats does not return remote seat (C function).

Could anyone give me an example of a udev rule for a remote device, or just some hints as to what kind of device I should be looking for?

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