How do I use full space with webmin?

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How do I use full space with webmin?

Post by abajo » 2018/03/02 18:34:56

Please sorry, I understand I should ask this to webmin community but they appears to be down for days now and I don't know where to ask this... Since I'm using webmin + centos I hope you can help as well...

I've bought a so you start server with the following hard disks: 3x120GB SSD
So, there should be 3 SSD with 120GB space each one right? the command tells me that too.
Well, I don't know why but webmin let me use only 120 GB. I want to mount the others but I'm unable to do this.

If I go Hardware -> linux raid this is what I get

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/dev/md1 	active 	RAID1 (Mirrored) 	19.53 GB 	/dev/sda1 | /dev/sdb1 | /dev/sdc1
/dev/md2 	clean 	RAID1 (Mirrored) 	91.75 GB 	/dev/sda2 | /dev/sdb2 | /dev/sdc2
So, 120 GB mounted over the 3 hard disks rights?

Now, to use the other space, should I create a new raid? Or what should I do?
If I try to create a new raid I'm getting an error: No free partitions are available for RAID.

Under Hardware -> Partitions on Local Disks I see 3 hard disks, each one with 3 partitions, the following:

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1 	Linux EXT 	20 GB 	1 	2550 	/dev/md1
2 	Linux RAID 	93.96 GB 	2550 	14528 	/dev/md2
3 		530.13 MB 	14528 	14593 	Virtual memory
so, every disk had a partition which put 93.96 GB *3 to /dev/md2 but as I told above /dev/md2 only let me use 91.75 GB... why?

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