Centos 7.4 LiveCD PXE Boot

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Centos 7.4 LiveCD PXE Boot

Post by Jalical » 2018/03/05 19:17:52


I've been researching and experimenting with a PXE-based live boot method. Currently I'm using root=nfs://, pointing to a directory with a Centos install on a server. Works fine, but I need to have a bunch of clients, so more then 1 accessing the files. So i've been attempting to use RWTAB and readonly root to load files during bootup. It's like whackamole with all the files that I need to load into the local temporary filesystem.

So instead, I've been trying to use the Centos 7.3 and Centos 7.4 LiveCD to PXE boot. From the PXE folder, I took the vmlinuz and the initrd, moved it to my tftp directory. I took the squashfs from the CD and moved it to my tftp folder as well.

I'm trying to find the exact right PXEconfig needed to make this boot now in Hyper-v. So far, the vmlinuz and initrd get transfered to the client, but I do not believe the squashfs is being transferred.

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KERNEL vmlinuz
APPEND initrd=initrd.img boot=live fetch=tftp://xxx.xxx.x.xx/squashfs.img 
What i'm really looking for is, what is the PXEconfig that will make the official Live Gnome Centos 7.3 or 7.4 bootable over the network? If it's a supported feature, there's gotta be a stock config somewhere noted, but I cannot find it.

I know there are many other solution sets (FOG, LTSP, etc) but I have to have it with latest Centos...

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Re: Centos 7.4 LiveCD PXE Boot

Post by sho1sho1 » 2018/03/27 13:47:49


I am trying to do the same as what you are trying to do. Have you gotten any further on the pxe booting live image?


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