Centos 7.3 scap

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Centos 7.3 scap

Postby z080236 » 2018/04/12 12:31:09

In 7.3 there is a Security Option in the installation step:

These are the options:
- Standard System Security Profile
- PCI-DSS v3 Control Baseline for Centos Linux 7
-C2S for Centos Linux 7

If I select one of this profile, does it mean the security baselines have been implemented in the Centos?

If not implemented, how do I implement it?

I am looking to implement server hardening close to CIS Benchmark.

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Re: Centos 7.3 scap

Postby TrevorH » 2018/04/12 12:42:32

I don't have answers to your questions but don't use 7.3 as it's old and out of date. 7.4 is current for the next week or 3 as RHEL 7.5 was released 2 days ago upstream and is already rebuilding for CentOS.
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Re: Centos 7.3 scap

Postby z080236 » 2018/04/12 13:06:39

reason I am unable to use 7.4 is that the my copper network interface has problems with the kernel in 7.4.

We tried using, interface has no issues on reboot

using , interface disappears on reboot.

It can be seen reported in rhel 7.4, since centos comes from rhel, it will have the same issue.