apache httpd server failed to start

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apache httpd server failed to start

Post by oswaldoln » 2018/04/13 03:34:14

NOTE: I am doing this in a VirtualBox VM with network: NAT

This is the status of my httpd:https://gyazo.com/982d2ec2a11f632f180ca134eca968a7

I did apachectl configtest and config is "OK".

I am not sure what's wrong, any idea? This is for a Linux Proj in School.

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Re: apache httpd server failed to start

Post by TrevorH » 2018/04/13 09:41:22

I checked your image and it has no useful information in it as the screen is not wide enough and you forgot to use the -l switch to systemctl status so it has truncated all the lines. I'd also suggest not using images when your problem is just plain text - cut and paste the lines from the screen and post them here, embedded in [quote][/quote] or [code][/code] tags to preserve formatting etc.

Rerun "systemctl status -l httpd" and read the output. The syntax error line will have a line number on it and you can use that to find out where the error is.
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Re: apache httpd server failed to start

Post by MartyCZ » 2018/04/18 15:57:15

look at /var/log/httpd/error_log for more info ;)

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