Problem with installing centos 7.3

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Problem with installing centos 7.3

Post by z080236 » 2018/04/15 16:18:32

I downloaded centos 7.3 and tried to install on a server(previously there was something installed on it).

When boot up from dvd, I select install centos 7, then it goes to the installation screen.

What is weird is that the Installation source , I could not select , it seems it cant find the installation source.
By right, it should point to the DVD, but it cant find, I wonder why?

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Re: Problem with installing centos 7.3

Post by TrevorH » 2018/04/15 16:22:42

First off, 7.3 is not current, 7.4 is and 7.5 is on its way soon (weeks probably).

Which filename did you download to use for this?
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