systemd stop script

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systemd stop script

Post by alfons » 2018/04/17 08:17:07

Hello to all,

I'm not new to linux but until now I don't know anything about systemd. I think it is not straight forward to use.......
Questions I have:
- CentOS 7 uses systemd, but I see all the "old" init.d, rc*.d directories. Does that mean it uses both system V and systemd?
- I need to start a script as the server shut's down to shutdown a database first. In the old days I had to use a K* link in the rc*.d directory. Can anyone give an example of the unit script to be used?

Best regards, Alfons

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Re: systemd stop script

Post by TrevorH » 2018/04/17 08:22:25

What database?
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