Disabling services

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Disabling services

Postby upnort » 2018/04/26 15:52:35

Are there normal or obtuse ways to disable a systemd service script other than 'systemctl disable'?

I have a server running Nagios. On reboot I noticed Nagios not running. I discovered the nagios.service script was disabled. This has happened twice, the other time about 4 months ago.

The bash history shows no 'systemctl disable nagios' command used or any 'unlink' command. I do not notice anything awry in the logs.

Thanks. :)

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Re: Disabling services

Postby TrevorH » 2018/04/26 16:32:34

Updated the package since you enabled the service? Perhaps there is a bug in the package post-script - try rpm -q --scripts yournagiospackage and read the script to see if it unconditionally disables the service.
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Re: Disabling services

Postby upnort » 2018/04/26 20:17:49

Wow! Thanks!

Nagios updates:

Fri Apr 13 12:24:05 2018
Thu Nov 16 16:51:01 2017

Nagios plugins:

Mon Apr 23 11:07:30 2018

I did not find any explicit disabling in the scripts, but the dates are too much of a coincidence.