HTTPD malware redirect / inject script ?

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HTTPD malware redirect / inject script ?

Post by nicksimoneau » 2018/05/11 02:47:01

Hi Guys,

i have build a small webserver at home and I as already saw this issue but it as disapear then it's back again. When you reach one of my hosting domain, what ever you do on the website redirect you to a scam webpage... I have found that the malware inject this in the html code of all my webpage. "<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>" for example.

Anyone have a idea how to fix this except to format and start from scratch ? :?: :?: :?:

if you wanna test,

Both domain have the same issue (tested on cell photo, laptop, pc, tablet... so it's not a device issue but a server issue.)

Thanks ! Nick.

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