can't cd to home directory after update

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can't cd to home directory after update

Post by alexbour » 2018/05/24 23:53:25

can't cd to home directory after update, the message "Permission denied " printed on terminal. How can I fix the problem? I did ls -hal ~
and group/owners permissions looks right, however, when I enter cd ~, I've got "Permission denied".
I vcan't start any program that writes files into ~..., incliuding chromeand thunderbird.
Any suggestions are welcomed.... Am I hit known bug "permissions messed up sfter update"??

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Re: can't cd to home directory after update

Post by desertcat » 2018/05/25 04:54:43

A trivia question: You say you can't cd to home directory. Let's be more specific do you mean you can't cd to /home or do you mean you can't cd to /home/[user] account?? Assuming you have access as root (you might also not have access to root which might be a real possibility) try creating a new user bogus account, complete with Password, and after you create that bogus user account see if you can access it.

There are a couple of possibilities 1) you /tmp directory/partition might have gotten nuked (that happened to me but I was what caused my problem after my /tmp partition exploded in size for unknown reason/s 2) Check to see if your /tmp directory/partition has reached maximum capacity 3) Your Password files have become corrupted 4) Your user ID has gotten whacked.

An important question too: Did you rollover your computer from 7.4 => 7.5 using yum update, or did did you do a fresh reinstall from the DVD.iso? You would be amazed how many people forget to add a user account and Password as well as a root account and Password.

As a last resort you did make a backup of your entire just prior to 7.5's release, Yes?? I tried to rollover my workstation from 7.4 => 7.5 twice -- the first time I was totally hosed, and the second time i started getting weird error messages. The solution was to RESTORE the entire disk from my backup which was created one a week or two before 7.5 came out. I create two whole disk backups: One backup is created just after the point release comes out and I have configured it to the way i want it took look -- If something is going to go wrong it will be within the first month or two after the release. The second full disk release is created just BEFORE the next point release comes out. In the last 18 years I've had to restore my entire disk only once before back in the days when the kernel was still 2.2 ... until this time around.

Summary: 1) Check to see if /tmp dir/part. is filled 2) try to create a bogus account and see if you can access it 3) Check your user's ID account and Password 4) check to see if you have root access. 5) If all else FAILS restore your entire disk from your Disk Backup (assuming to have one that is) and then after restoration do another update In the Alternative IF you did a Fresh install from the DVD.iso it simply maybe easier to simply do a complete re-install. Make sure you create a USER's Account and Password as well as a Root Account and Password.

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