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disk space

Post by AMYK » 2018/06/21 21:58:46

Local disk space 72.99 GB used, 73.20 GB total

After trying to update the forums on the site. The whole server overloaded from Ram and Virtual memory. Now the / (Root filesystem) are using 99%.

How I can loacte the folder or the file who took all this space because i have been trying everything.


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Re: disk space

Post by schadfield » 2018/06/22 05:01:57

I like "ncdu" for jobs like this.

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Re: disk space

Post by avij » 2018/06/22 05:31:01

As root: du -x / | sort -rn | head -20

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Re: disk space

Post by MartinR » 2018/06/22 09:25:55

If you can abide graphics there is Baobab which is part of the gnome-utils package. Mine sits under Applications>System Tools>Disk Usage Analyser.

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Re: disk space

Post by TrevorH » 2018/06/22 13:32:34

du -d 1 / then repeat for the directory showing the most space, keep repeating until you drill down to the culprit.
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