DNS Configuration Issues - CNAME/Aliases

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DNS Configuration Issues - CNAME/Aliases

Post by scout7773 » 2018/07/09 01:00:18

I've almost completed configuring my internal local DNS server. The only issues I'm having is when I try to add a CNAME to both my DNS and Storage server, it generates an error when attempting to restart the systemctl service.

When I attempt to troubleshoot the issue by running systemctl status command, it points to the CNAME not being configured correctly (screenshots added).

Could anyone help me out with this? Again, everything else works perfectly except for this. Let me know if you need additional info. Thanks in advanced!
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Re: DNS Configuration Issues - CNAME/Aliases

Post by avij » 2018/07/09 04:57:59

You have specified both an IP address and a CNAME for the same hostnames. That is not allowed. You can either remove the CNAME entries, or change them to something else like

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dns	IN	CNAME	dns01.scoutnet.local.
storage	IN	CNAME	storage01.scoutnet.local.

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Re: DNS Configuration Issues - CNAME/Aliases

Post by pjsr2 » 2018/07/09 07:12:30

Use the program named-checkconf to check your named configuration.

You don't need to define a CNAME dns01.scoutnet.local. for dns01. The value of $ORIGIN (the name of the domain) will be automatically added.

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