Kernel panic issue

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Kernel panic issue

Post by hcanning » 2018/07/20 12:28:14

Hi Guys,
I floated this question on AWS too but cant see a fix there. Hopefully some luck here.

I went to reboot my Centos 7 Amazon instance and then did a start/stop and now I get a status check error stating the "Instance reachability check failed" but the system itself IS reachable and running. I created a snapshot and image of the volume and recreated a new instance with an extra 4GB of space and I still have the same "Instance reachability check failed" issue. I also detached and attached the volume again but it still doesn't work. I cant access website now as a result. Instance says its running yet the Status Check says its unreachable. I also can't SSH into the server. Can anyone advise what the issue may be or a fix?


Error: Instance reachability check failed at July 19... Error log: kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (0,0)


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