Chrome - I have to unlock profile after booting laptop

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Chrome - I have to unlock profile after booting laptop

Post by pjc123 » 2018/08/05 16:50:23

OK, this only happens with Centos 7 and not with any other operating system on the same laptop (Win 10 or Linux Mint). Every time I boot the laptop and open Chrome I get the following message:

The profile appears to be in use by another Google Chrome process (3288) on another computer (<REMOVED>.bb.wireless.<REMOVED>.org). Chrome has locked the profile so that it doesn't get corrupted. If you are sure no other processes are using this profile, you can unlock the profile and relaunch Chrome.

There are two button options:





If I select UNLOCK PROFILE AND LAUNCH, I can use Chrome again.

Even when I move to a different wifi access point at a different establishment, I still get this mesage. It thinks that Chrome is being used by a laptop in the previous place I was at (I know this because where I put REMOVED above, it lists the name of the last place I was at, a library for example).

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