Centos7 sluggish with 4 4k monitors

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Centos7 sluggish with 4 4k monitors

Post by revenkat » 2018/11/15 00:23:03

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me with an issue I have been facing, I am running workstation class hardware, with Nvidia NVS 510.
I was using Centos 6.4 for a while and have had no issues, but when centos 7 was installed, the general behavior of the machine has been sluggish.
The right click menus take a while to show up, and for a while the 'X' Service maxes a CPU thread.

Machine Specs are as follows,

Proc: Intel Xeon e5-1620
Ram: 16gb
GPU: Nvidia NVS 510
4 - Monoprice Monitors running at 4K 60hz

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Re: Centos7 sluggish with 4 4k monitors

Post by TrevorH » 2018/11/15 10:03:49

What video drivers are you using?
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