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can't login to init 3

Posted: 2019/04/24 17:43:07
by MahdiIT
Hi I am new in linux and I want to install GPU driver but when I use init 3 command I can not login to the runlevel 3 with my login username and password there is no error just incorrect login. can any one help me please

Re: can't login to init 3

Posted: 2019/04/24 17:46:40
by TrevorH
Well to install the GPU drivers you will need to be root anyway so can you logon as root?

If you're looking at the nvidia drivers then the preferred method to use those on CentOS is by using the packaged versions of the drivers from the ELRepo yum repo. Google them, install their elrepo-release package for your version of CentOS, then yum install nvidia-detect and then run it and install the package it suggests using yum install kmod-nvidiawhatever.

Re: can't login to init 3

Posted: 2019/04/25 05:24:41
by MahdiIT
Thanks for responding. Now I have installed nvidia driver but when I restart the OS is hanging on boot screen what I have to do know