Audit and patching

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Audit and patching

Post by socksandgizmo » 2019/05/15 07:12:36

Audit - If this is a derivative of Redhat Linux will this be questioned during any audits by redhat? Oracle Linux for example clearly shows Redhat when you query the kernel and would unless understood be questioned by auditors. This would result in requiring a licence being purchased by redhat.

Patching - will there be regular patching released. We are required to patch regularly so I am trying to ascertain what I can inform compliance around this product.

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Re: Audit and patching

Post by TrevorH » 2019/05/15 07:32:14

You do not need a RHEL license to run CentOS.

As an aside, even though it's off topic here, you don't need a RHEL license to run Oracle Enterprise Linux either. If your auditors are making you buy a RHEL license to run it then they are incompetent and need to be fired as they are obviously completely clueless.
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