Centos 7 Aarch64 variant on Xilinx ZynqMPSoC Ultrascale+

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Centos 7 Aarch64 variant on Xilinx ZynqMPSoC Ultrascale+

Post by kmor » 2019/05/17 15:26:19


So I am working on this project for developing the CentOS aarch64 distribution for the Xilinx ZYnqMPSoC Ultrascale + . Xilinx already has a tool called p etalinux-tools to develop these distributions with their own kernel called Xilinx Linux. Currently with the tool chains default settings we have managed to create a distribution for its 32 bit Zynq 7000 SoC which was fairly straightforward .

My question is this : would the xilinx-linux kernel work well with the CentOS aarch64?

More specifically, is it necessary for CentOS to operate only with its own special kernel ? I use CentOS 7 on my laptop and the kernel it uses is 3.10.0-957.12.1.el7.x86_64. Should similar kernels for the aarch64 devices be used to make CentOS work?

Another question, if the CentOS does work with the xilinx linux kernel, would it still operate efficiently ?

Please guide.


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