Issues about profile Service In Centos 7.

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Issues about profile Service In Centos 7.

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Experience the most detailed and integrated Vung Tau tourism A-Z

Vung Tau has long been a entertainment spot for Saigon people after a hard working week, away from the dust, anxiety and chaos in life because the distance from Saigon to Vung Tau is just over 100km. and takes about 3 hours to drive. More view >>> Latest Traveling Self-Sufficiency Vung Tau Tourism. The scenery in Vung Tau is both majestic and poetic because Small Mountain and Big Mountain with tropical greenery bring fresh and fresh air. Poetic by the coastline that stretches for 20km, the clear blue sea, the scenery is mesmerizing by the light from the ocean, which is the dazzling dawn at dawn and the sunset light on sunset sea.

The climate in Vung Tau is very temperate, the temperature only ranges from 25-29 degrees, feels very comfortable because it is the intersection between tropical monsoon climate and ocean climate.

Tourists should choose a reasonable time to travel to Vung Tau and take measures to prevent the weather such as being able to thoroughly prepare umbrellas and bring more clothes when traveling to Vung Tau in the rainy season ( From May - October), and have fun playing on the dry season (From November to April) just need to bring a little thin jacket because the temperature is now colder.

I. Tourist destinations in Vung Tau
1. Con Dao

Con Con archipelago consists of 14 large and small islands located in the South West of the East Sea, Vung Tau East with 97 currents and Ca Mau cape with 100 ocean. Is an archipelago with an area of ​​76.71km, sparsely populated. The largest island called Con Dao (Also known as Phu Hai) is 51.52km square.

Con Dao is the economic - political - social center of the archipelago. Con Dao has 200km of coastline, with 6,043ha of national dense forests being primary forests. There are abundant vegetation, there are many rare animals in the tropics.

Con Dao has a large fishing ground and a large fishing range, which is very convenient for service activities to serve the construction of export seafood processing facilities. There are many famous sights and beaches.

2. Lighthouse
Vung Tau Lighthouse was built in 1907, originally located at the lower edge of the small mountain, lit by oil in 1911.It was built into a 3-meter-diameter round tower with the height of 18 meters made on the highest peak of the small mountain. height of 170 meters.

The Vung Tau Lighthouse travels up to 35 nautical miles with a telescope to track the ship and guide the boat at sea.

3. Small Mountain

This is a mountain carrying the legend of the love affair between the princess and the son of Thuy Te who fell in love with a boy from the fishing village. The mountain is 170m high and has an area of ​​120ha.

Ha Long road here bends around Small Mountain about 6km from Bai Sau to Nghinh Phong cape, Bai Dua and then Bai O Quan. du lich viet, It is the presence of this mountain that Vung Tau adds beauty both majestic and gentle. The resorts here also become more attractive with the mountains leaning back and facing the sea to create a fresh and relaxing space.

4. Big Mountain

Lon Mountain is one of the two mountains in Vung Tau. Big mountains as the name suggests there are three peaks: Hon Sap, Nui Lon and Vung May. The beautiful road surrounding the big mountain is Tran Phu Street, which has a very charming landscape with one side being a mountain and one side is the sea. At the foot of Lon Mountain there are also many famous attractions such as White Palace, Guan Yin Buddha Statue.

5. White Palace

White Palace is located at the foot of a big mountain in Front Beach, built over 18 years from 1898 to 1916 by the French, also to serve the resort needs of the French governor general. White Palace was named Villa Blanche after the daughter of governor general. Later this place was used by Ngo Dinh Diem and Nguyen Van Thieu as a resort.

True to its name, White Palace is a white villa with a red roof. From White Palace, you can admire the majestic scenery of Big Mountain, Small Mountain and underneath again Hai Ngu island.

6. Statue of Christ

Christ Statue is located at the tip of Ninh Phong - Vung Tau. The statue was unfinished built in 1972 and then rebuilt in 1992 at the request of the Catholic people, the god statue was completed in 1994.

Especially, the statue was built with a height of 31m, arms spread 18.4m wide, inside the statue is a system of stairs containing up to hundreds of people and becomes a heritage, web du lich a scenic spot many tourists are The religious community stops by to pay homage and to see the whole mountain and sea scene in Vung Tau City.

Some big festivals of Vung Tau tourism
Vung Tau is not only a beautiful and thriving port city, but its culture is also very rich and diverse.

Commemoration Feast of the Holy Tran Hung Dao

The festival is held at Duc Thanh Temple, address: 68 Ha Long, Vung Tau. The festival has become a place where not only locals but also tourists from all over the world pay homage.
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Re: Issues about profile Service In Centos 7.

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Start the dependencies first then start the main program to see if that is the issue.
You don't say what these dependencies are nor what the main program(s) is/are.

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