How to install sshd configuration on centos 7.

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How to install sshd configuration on centos 7.

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Experience the most detailed and comprehensive Nha Trang travel A-Z

Referring to Nha Trang is referring to a vibrant but peaceful coastal city. It sounds contradictory, but this is the beauty that attracts and leaves unforgettable imprints for each person who has once stopped in this beautiful coastal city.
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Nha Trang - The ideal tourist destination for tourists.

Nha Trang is bustling in the hustle and bustle of fishermen, in busy buses of tourists, in shops or restaurants, restaurants in Western streets are always noisy, bustling, or in the bar located on the beach along Tran Phu Street when the sun is out of shadow, especially on beaches full of people during the tourist season with so many visitors from all over the world ...

The most attractive tourist destination in Nha Trang
1. Hon Mun Island

Hon Mun is one of the most romantic islands in the island system of Nha Trang. Hon Mun is 10 km from Cau Da port (about 45 minutes by train). Not only attractive by white sand, blue sea, pristine bird nests on cliffs ... this place is also famous for being one of the "richest and most beautiful" aquariums in Southeast Asia. It is also famous for its many marine services and marine exploration by glass bottom boat and scuba diving service.

This is a beautiful island, where you can completely feel the atmosphere of Vietnam beach with golden sunshine, fine white sand and interesting fun services such as surfing, playing on the beach. , scuba diving to see the coral reefs in the clear water will bring unforgettable relaxation moments.

2. Hon Tam Island Nha Trang
Hon Tam Island Nha Trang is 7km from the coast of Nha Trang, about 110ha wide. Guests can go by canoe or boat to the island, canoe time is 7 minutes and 25 minutes by boat.

Nha Trang Silkworm Island is associated with the people of the sea because every time they go to the beach, they see the island as a green silkworm, knowing that it is coming to the mainland after days of fishing on the sea.

There are many recreational activities such as climbing, fishing, boating ... or adventure games such as windsurfing, water motorbikes.
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3. Hon Mot Island in Nha Trang
Hon Mot Island is the smallest island in Nha Trang with an area of ​​about 1km2, the island is located about 9km from the mainland. The island has fairly shallow water so it does not need to be a good swimmer to watch the coral reefs and the small brightly colored sea fish swimming underwater.

Hon Mot Island is only 1 km long with more than 200 households but it is a charming landscape with rocky mountains surrounding the blue beach. This is also the reason why this island still attracts many tourists every year.

4. Nha Trang Oceanography Institute

Institute of Oceanography is located at Cau Da, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province. It is a research institute of marine fauna and flora and a very valuable marine cultural heritage center in the East Sea that needs to be preserved and developed.
- Institute of Oceanography was founded in 1922 (during the French colonial period) as one of the. By 1969, management transferred to the Saigon University Institute, with about 60,000 specimens. The Institute has more than 76 staff and research students. There are also seismic, tidal and oceanic data in the South China Sea. Currently the museum is being invested to create a continuous population of marine life tanks for the research process.

5. Nha Trang Mountain Church
Nha Trang Mountain Church is built on a small mountain which is a Catholic church, the church also has many different names such as Christ the King Cathedral, Nha Trang Church, Stone Church, Nga Sau Church. .
The Church is built according to Western architecture. The church is frequented by many tourists because of its outstanding, unique and majestic beauty rising to the sky. The place of the cross on the top of the bell tower is the highest place of the Church (38 meters high).

6. Vinpearl Land Nha Trang
Vinpearl Land or Hon Ngoc Viet Tourist Area (old name until December 2006) is a luxury resort of Nha Trang located on the island of Tre island.

The longest cable car in Vietnam is 3320 meters long, including 7 pillars at sea, 2 pillars on the shore are structured like the Eiffel Tower illuminated by Laser and night. The system can transfer 1000-1500 people, making it easier to move from the mainland to the island. tour du lich Transition is ensured thanks to 47 8-seat cabins, shortening travel time to 9 minutes and 20 seconds and can operate in wind conditions of level 7.

7. Long Son Pagoda in Nha Trang

Long Son Pagoda in Nha Trang in 1886 was just a thatched cottage on Trai Thuy hill then after many periods due to war and natural disaster, the temple once had to be moved down to the foot of the hill and many times afterwards. Damage must be restored. The pagoda by the monk Thich Ngo Chi (1956-1935) is currently located at 22, 23-10 Street, Phuong Son, Nha Trang.

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