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Problem about install Apache on Centos 7.

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TOP 6 famous tourist destinations in Binh Thuan & latest ticket price

Here are the top tourist destinations in Binh Thuan that are most popular for those who are planning to visit Binh Thuan. If you have any questions about these famous attractions in Binh Thuan, you can leave a question to Du Lich Viet to help people.
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TOP beautiful tourist destinations in Binh Thuan

I. Phu Quy Island
Location: about 2:30 minutes from the mainland by train
Train ticket price: from 250k - 360k / time depending on the train type

The first attractive tourist destination in Binh Thuan that dulichfun would like to recommend to you is Phu Quy Island - a beautiful island in Binh Thuan. Phu Quy island has a pristine natural landscape because it has not been developed tourism as much as other islands. You to visit Phu Quy Island will experience a completely new feeling with blue sea, fine sand, whispering waves. If you come to Phu Quy island, try to teach early in the morning to welcome the first sunrise. Couples who are going on their honeymoon to Phu Quy island will definitely be great because of the romantic and peaceful scenery.

II. Mui Ne - Phan Thiet
Ticket price of some tourist destinations in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet: Poshanu Cham Tower 10k / ticket, Dinh Van Thuy Tu 20k / ticket, Sealink wine cellar 100k / ticket, white Bau 10k / ticket, Ke Ga Ga 10k / ticket, Rom island resort 35k / ticket, Ta Cu Mountain 50k gate ticket, 200k round trip cable car ...

It can be said that Phan Thiet - Mui Ne is the most famous tourist destination in Binh Thuan today that you cannot ignore. When you come here, you will be delighted at swimming, sliding yellow sand hills, checking in and eating delicious and attractive specialties. According to statistics, 96% of tourists come to Phan Thiet - Mui Ne in Binh Thuan tour.

III. Cu Lao Cau
Location: About 100 km from Phan Thiet, about 10 km from the mainland, about 1 hour to move
Train ticket price: 250k / round trip

Cu Lao Cau, also known as Cau island - a beautiful island is gradually becoming a leading tourist destination in Binh Thuan today. Only 9km from the coast, if taking a boat of fishermen to the island, it takes about more than 1 hour. dia diem du lich Cu Lao Cau island is not too big, so if you come here in the morning, you can get on the boat to return to the mainland in the early afternoon. Cu Lao Cau has clear blue sea water, visible to the bottom, so it is suitable for those who are passionate about diving to watch the coral

IV. 9-storey waterfall

Another beautiful scenic spot in Binh Thuan is the 9-storey waterfall more than 60 km from Phan Thiet city belonging to the protection forest of Ham Thuan Bac hydroelectric lake. If you are a fan of adventure and discover new things, the 9-storey waterfall is a place you cannot miss. 9-storey waterfall in the rainy season is the most beautiful, so if you have the opportunity to travel to Binh Thuan in the rainy season, you should remember the 9-storey waterfall. Oh forget the rainy season, not the rainy day, remember to go in the sunny day because the rainy day is very dangerous slippery road.

V. Hon Ghenh

The next beautiful place to visit in Binh Thuan that dulichfun would like to recommend to you is Ghenh Islet. The rapids are less than 1km from Mui Ne beach, so taking a fisherman's boat here takes only about 10 minutes. Hon Ghenh is quite small, there is no people living or any tourist service but only a temple to worship Mr. Nam Hai. If you plan to spend the whole day on Ghenh Island, remember to bring more food and water. By the way, the sunset afternoon at Ghenh Islet watching the sunset is very beautiful.

VI. Co Thach Sea and Co Thach rock beach

Is a beautiful, unique beach in Binh Thuan with clear blue water, du lich viet rocky beaches with unique shapes, gentle waves for tourists to swim freely. Young people who like to take check-in photos should also go to Co Thach beach because the scenery here is quite special, sure to produce impressive photos.

In addition to the famous tourist destinations in Binh Thuan above, there are still many other attractive places for you to visit such as: Ta Cu resort, Coco Beach Campampamp Lagi, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Ke Ga cape and Ke Ga lighthouse, Rom island, Ba island, Ba Linh waterfall ...

The above is a summary of the hottest tourist destinations in Binh Thuan that you can explore in the upcoming travel. Hopefully the information that Du Lich Viet provides will be helpful for you and when traveling, remember to share memories at these attractive tourist destinations in Binh Thuan for Dulichviet and everyone to know.

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