Delayed Samba Client Connection

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Delayed Samba Client Connection

Postby waltman » 2017/06/19 14:55:29

I recently started migrating from CentOS 6.9 to 7.
A problem I noticed is that there seems to be a delay in windows clients initially connecting to Samba shares.

On CentOS 6.9 I could reboot a windows client and map a network drive almost immediately.

On CentOS 7, I reboot the windows client, if I try to map the drive, I get an error message not accessible/unavailable.
Do some investigating I noticed, I can ping the CentOS box from the windows client and get no reply. But after 3 ping attempts I will finally get replies back and I am able to map a drive. What I find strange is other clients on the network maybe already connected to the share, this only happens for new connections.

I know the client and server see each other because the CentOS 7 box is also the DHCP server and is handing out IPs to the windows clients.

This delay is only like 20-30 seconds at most, and I can deal with it.
But after telling users that I am updating to the newest stuff.
The end users seem to be impatient and keep bugging me about it. :?

What is causing this delay and can I remove it?

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Re: Delayed Samba Client Connection

Postby TrevorH » 2017/06/19 16:12:50

CentOS 7 adds a large degree of parallelisation to the startup by using systemd and not the old initscripts. The old stuff was mostly (if not entirely) single threaded and things ran one after the other so when it was up, everything was up. On CentOS 7 you will find some parts of the system are ready before others and I don't know of any way to stop that from happening.
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Re: Delayed Samba Client Connection

Postby hunter86_bg » 2017/06/21 16:17:37

Could you provide the file generated by

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systemd-analize plot > ~/plot.scv

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