Folder-deallocation/Share with dolphin impossible

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Folder-deallocation/Share with dolphin impossible

Post by Hanisch » 2017/09/18 19:37:29

the Folder-deallocation/Share in a Samba-Network with 'dolphin'

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Rightklick Folder-name -> Properties -> Share -> x Share with Samba (Microsoft Windows)
                                                 x Allow Guest 
Everyone -> Full control
BENUTZER -> Full control
is not possible in CentOS 7.

How can I solve the problem?

When I add in the /etc/samba/smb.conf

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path = /home/BENUTZER/Öffentlich
read only = no
	writeable = yes
;	browseable = yes
	valid users = nobody, BENUTZER
in 'dolphin'
Network -> Samba Share -> Workgroup -> VM-CentOS (Samba Server Version 4.6.2) -> Öffentlich -> Question for Username (BENUTZER) and Password

But I don't know any matching Password.

with regards
Ch. Hanisch

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