Unable to download ISO files

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Unable to download ISO files

Post by LObern » 2017/12/07 15:48:32

Admin board.

I have tried about the top 25% of the mirror links, and have gotten all the way to 97% on each, and then had it fail. With unable to resume download each time. How do I get a good copy of the CentOS?

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Re: Unable to download ISO files

Post by TrevorH » 2017/12/07 16:57:12

What filesystem are you downloading the iso image to? NTFS? FAT? A linux filesystem? What utility are you using to do the download?
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Re: Unable to download ISO files

Post by pjsr2 » 2017/12/07 18:21:05

Are you behind a proxy server that has some size or time limits for downloads?

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Re: Unable to download ISO files

Post by nggit » 2017/12/08 03:43:49

I used to mirror it first to Google Drive using URL upload service like https://savetodrive.net/ and then Download from my Google Drive. Faster than original links when accessed from my ISP. No RTO anymore.

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