fix: ssh fails, even with authorized_keys

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fix: ssh fails, even with authorized_keys

Post by iwishitwouldwork » 2017/12/08 23:10:12

The problem:
3 machines, all Centos 7
all three have the same .ssh/authorized_keys
all three have the proper permissions on .ssh and .ssh/*
2 of the 3 can ssh back and forth without a password.
those same 2 are prompted when ssh'ing to machine 3.
i tried

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ssh -vvv other 2> /tmp/other.out
between the working pair and a non-working
pair, and doing a diff on the output.
there are differences but they led me nowhere.

the answer:
yum -y update on machine 3 -- the recently installed machine.

i have no idea what changed, but that fixed it.


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