vsftpd not logging

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vsftpd not logging

Postby mojo » 2018/01/11 15:30:22

I have a fresh CentOS 7 install with vsftpd running.

vsftpd is setup to allow sftp only and currently functions as expected except it is not logging any transfers.

vsftpd: version 3.0.2

I've tried a number of different combinations in the config file (restarting vsftpd each time) with out any luck. My current config options for logging are:

# Activate logging of uploads/downloads.
# You may override where the log file goes if you like. The default is shown
# If you want, you can have your log file in standard ftpd xferlog format.
# Note that the default log file location is /var/log/xferlog in this case.

I've tried xferlog_std_format with both Yes and No.

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Re: vsftpd not logging

Postby TrevorH » 2018/01/11 16:25:40

vsftpd doesn't do sftp, it does ftps. If you're using sftp to connect to the server then it's not talking to vsftpd, it's talking to the open ssh daemon.
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Re: vsftpd not logging

Postby mojo » 2018/01/12 02:53:42

That explains it. I thought vsftpd used sshd for part of the process but that vsftpd handled most of the work.

Thank you.