Is DRBD device supported for Fence_SCSI configuration?

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Is DRBD device supported for Fence_SCSI configuration?

Post by theocharotas » 2018/01/12 14:27:23


I have to build a two node cluster that can't have a shared device between two virtual nodes. I intend to use DRBD for the "common" storage (in active/standby mode) but now I have to think also for alternatives in Fencing/Stonith configuration. Is fence_scsi agent supported for DRBD devices?

I have seen several different guides and some of them use DRBD device but I would like to know if it's a valid configuration. I was thinking of using fence_vmware_soap as an alternative solution but customer does not provide vCenter user for security reasons. Is there any alternative solution using a custom script or a fencing option through SSH or something like that?

Thanks for you help.

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Re: Is DRBD device supported for Fence_SCSI configuration?

Post by hunter86_bg » 2018/01/15 21:55:19

DRBD is not suitable for fencing,as the 2 (or more) nodes may loose connection between themselves causing havoc.
You can use 2/3 (standalone) iSCSI targets , each providing an sbd device (no more than several MBs) to both nodes. SBD (a.k.a. poison pill) can be used even in virtual machines with the help of the 'softdog' module.

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