HA Cluster

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HA Cluster

Post by Lionel_Maximus » 2018/01/14 14:59:05

i I want to configure HA cluster with pacemaker for squid..I've done the following things
[node1,node2] firewall disabled,selinux=permissive
[node1,node2] NeworkManager Disabled
[node1,node2] yum install -y pacemaker pcs psmisc policycoreutils-python
[node1,node2] systemctl start pcsd.service
But when i do this on each node
[node1,node2] pcs cluster auth node1 node2
This error occurs
node1: Authorized
Error: Unable to communicate with node2
node2: Authorized
Error: Unable to communicate with node1

Can anyone tell me what is the problem???

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Re: HA Cluster

Post by hunter86_bg » 2018/01/15 21:50:59

First of all , please do not disable SELinux and consider using firewall for systems that are not behind a corporate one.

Change the password of the 'hacluster' user and then try again.
You also need the "fence-agents-all" package to get the fencing packages,as fencing is highly recommended.Usually the following installs everything needed:

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yum install -y pcs fence-agents-all

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