tune Network Interface performance

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tune Network Interface performance

Post by pfsms » 2018/02/16 08:10:45

Hello all
as mention in topic title i want to exchange big data between 2 computer that runs CentOS 7 on them as fast as possible
would somebody please guide me what should i do to tune my network interface ?
thanks in advance

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Re: tune Network Interface performance

Post by tunk » 2018/02/16 11:32:48

I haven't done anything like this, but you may want to look at this:
- most servers comes with several network interfaces: set up a separate network (maybe together with jumbo frames), i.e. you don't have to share it with other traffic
- if it's a one time transfer: compress -> transfer -> decompress
- 10Gb cards

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Re: tune Network Interface performance

Post by fdisk » 2018/02/16 12:33:27

A good starting point is to tune kernel parameter with tuned-adm. Depending on your specific operation purpose you can choose between network-throughput or network-latency.
Next think is to consider bonding multiple cards together. Or, like tunk said, you can got for 10Gb cards. But keep in mind that this requires a potent system (mainly in terms of i/o).
Note: Try to avoid cheap NICs as they can possibly lead to poor performance. I can tell that for example Intel multiport cards are worth the price.

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Re: tune Network Interface performance

Post by TrevorH » 2018/02/16 13:26:10

If it's 1Gbps cards then they should just work and not need tuning much. Any tuning you can do is likely to result in minor improvements.

If the cards are being used only between the two machines - i.e. it's a dedicated link - then setting the MTU as high as the card supports will help to keep cpu usage as low as possible and transfer rates as high as possible. Avoid cheap ethernet cards - there is a reason they are cheap.
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