VLC Player can't play DVD Movie

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VLC Player can't play DVD Movie

Post by eric2kwok » 2018/02/23 06:22:13

I have one 32bit system installed CentOS 6.9 i386, I can smoothly to play the DVD Movies, but another system can not, the second one computer was a 64bit system x86_64, i7-5500U cpu, I used the virtualbox to run the CentOS 7.4.1708, but I can't play the DVD on this guest system, the host is Windows 10 Home Edition, am I missing something I haven't installed the codec packages? Why I can play dvd movie in 32bit system smoother but the 64bit system cannot? Why? Both system I already installed the libdvdcss rpm package, but seems doesn't work, is it because I'm using Virtuallbox so I can not play dvd? Isn't it?
What is the reason why I can not play a dvd movie on my linux guest system?

Any solution would be helpful, Thanks in advance.

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Re: VLC Player can't play DVD Movie

Post by scottro » 2018/02/23 11:21:36

I don't use VLC, but have you tried one of the other players, such as mpv or mplayer? I believe both are available from the nux repo.

https://wiki.centos.org/AdditionalResou ... positories (search for nux on the page). Although if you have VLC, you may already be using the nux repo.

This may also be useful.
https://wiki.centos.org/TipsAndTricks/M ... aOnCentOS7
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Re: VLC Player can't play DVD Movie

Post by lightman47 » 2018/02/24 13:09:22

I use vlc because it'll play most anything, but I'd not tried it in a VM. Can you "see" the DVD in VirtualBox but it won't play, or can't you even see it? I ask because I had to enable 'passthru' in the virtualbox disk settings for the machine to see disks on mine. If you can see but it won't play then ignore this.
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