Set up ipv6 on OVH's Public Cloud VPS

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Set up ipv6 on OVH's Public Cloud VPS

Post by kironet » 2018/03/05 09:06:51


I've bought Public Cloud VPS from OVH and trying to setup ipv6.
Also I've found a tutorial how to setup ipv6 in their documentation ... n_your_vps.

In this tutorial they want me to update this file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 but inside that file it says "Created by cloud-init on instance boot automatically, do not edit". I've also tried to contact OVH's support, but they responded that they can't help me with that and suggested to ask here.

Can somebody help me with this? I've never worked with cloud-init and don't even know where is a config that generates ifcfg-eth0.

PS: ipv6s works until I reboot vps.


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