[XCA 1.3.2] Can't click on menu bar

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[XCA 1.3.2] Can't click on menu bar

Post by koshieDotFr » 2018/03/16 15:32:44


I don't know if you can help me but if you have a suggestion or an idea, i'll take it !

For my work I have to use a specific release of the software XCA, 1.3.2, I didn't created a RPM from the tarball but I made my own binary.
I can run it, I was able to use it but since some days I can't click on the menu bar. I can select entry with my keyboard but I can't click/choose any entries (with the enter key of my keyboard for example).

I have no idea how to debug it.

I know I had this problem before but it was fixed without any manipulation from my side, probably after an update of my CentOS 7.

After some Googling I founded nothing related to my problem, which I have trouble to write down properly to find an answer (english isn't my mother tongue).


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