gnome-shell crash after login and log me out

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gnome-shell crash after login and log me out

Post by parwizio » 2018/04/20 08:20:06

Hello All,

so the subject said it all: after the login in gdm in 3~5 Seconds comes a warning, that in gnome-shell-3.22.3-17.el7 was a crash and i will force logout and i come again in the gdm login screen.
i dont make any updates before that or upgrades. the only thing i done was create another users. i tried to reinstall the gnome-shell but that didnt work. i installed kde and xfce, both works fine and no crashing there. with ssh connection i can login in terminal from another pc to this pc, that works too.

Any suggestion?

btw: i am new, so sorry if dont use any rules for posting and sorry for my english! :)

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