GNOME Remote Desktop Viewer(vinagre) will not connect

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GNOME Remote Desktop Viewer(vinagre) will not connect

Post by cwoelkers » 2018/05/11 20:46:59

There are several Windows 2012 servers, and some 2008, that are in our network.
I am using GNOME as my desktop and since CentOS 7.3 I have been unable to connect to them using Vinagre. The same error is always given: "Error Connecting to Host".
I have tried with and without username and password and with multiple display settings from 800x600 to 1920x1080 and a good many of the "standards" in-between. 1920x1080 did work when it was working. I have also tried with scaling and fullscreen both on and off.
These servers can be connected to with no issue when using the official Microsoft tools both on Windows and Mac.
I have no issues connecting to other Linux computers via SPICE or VNC.

Any ideas, thoughts, or solutions?

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