CentOS 7.5 Samba Support

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CentOS 7.5 Samba Support

Post by vikinggeek » 2018/05/11 22:32:15

I'm really confused about what is happening with Samba and CentOS 7.5. My understanding was that with the upgrade to Samba 4.7.1, Samba could compile with the MIT Kerberos libraries instead of Heimdall which would solve a host of challenges including finally getting support for Samba's Active Directory implementation on CentOS.

It appears that the tools for setting up Active Directory on CentOS are not included in 7.5. Is this correct or do I have to install additional packages?
The RHEL release notes are not clear on this point; is Samba finally compiled with MIT Kerberos and if yes, what advantages/new features does this give us?

My company is at a point that we only keep our Windows Server 2008 around to run Active Directory. AD is used to support Windows, Macs and Linux clients. To upgrade to Server 2019 seems to be a waste of time and money as we are not needing Windows servers for anything else (this is why we want to switch to Samba AD). Or maybe, is there now a better way to have one integrated identity management solution? We do not want to invest in a commercial package; been there done that :(

Any pointers (and opinions) on this subject would be welcome.

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