Base Environment + Add-Ons Packages

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Base Environment + Add-Ons Packages

Post by iconico » 2018/05/18 10:19:03

Good morning!

Long time viewer here, with a question I haven't found an answer for in the forums lol.

During the installation of any centos 7, you go through the software selection and choose a base environment and then add-ons. No problems there. Now If I want to install the load balancer add-on, how do I know which load balancer is centos going to install?

My question is basically, How can I know which exact packages are being installed when selecting a specific add-ons such as high availability, backup server, etc (rather than base environment, which are pretty self-explanatory).


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Re: Base Environment + Add-Ons Packages

Post by TrevorH » 2018/05/18 14:42:13

If you're talking about the software selection in the installer itself then that uses groups from comps.xml (in repodata on the DVD) but once you install, you'll be using yum groups and those are not necessarily the same. You can use yum group list hidden to see all groups and see that there are groups there called "High Availability" and "Backup Server" and yum group info $group will show you the packages involved in those.
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