[7.5] Latest Microcode Update - BIOS Question

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[7.5] Latest Microcode Update - BIOS Question

Post by Mike_Rochefort » 2018/05/25 15:29:09

After updating my system's microcode last night I get the following warning on boot:

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[Firmware Bug]: TSC_DEADLINE disabled due to Errata; please update microcode to version: 0xb000020 (or later)
My system is a Broadwell-E i7-6850K with an ASRock X99 WS motherboard. In looking at the board's page, it looks like ASRock released a BIOS update mid-April with the following release notes:
Update Haswell-E CPU Microcode to revision 3C and Broadwell-E CPU Microcode to revision 0B00002A.
Would you recommend flashing my BIOS to this newer version, or just stick with what I have for now? I know BIOS updating is always risky business but I don't want my system to have issues due to incompatibilities.


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