Making Centos .ISO with Mate Desktop

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Making Centos .ISO with Mate Desktop

Post by WiciuLinux » 2018/08/11 10:23:02


I aim to create Centos .iso with preinstalled Mate desktop environment. ... sc-part-1/ ... -in-centos

I tried above solutions but failed, and the created .iso didn't install rpms which I'll say about them, now.
Mostly two group packages are needed to set this up: "X Window System" and "Mate Desktop".
Also to make them working,first epel-release must be enabled.

So what could be done in console:
>> sudo yum install epel-release
>> sudo yum groupinstall "X Window System"
>> sudo yum groupinstall "MATE Desktop"
>> systemctl set-default

Seems simple but I can't create .iso file that after booting, it will behave like standard Centos instalation process,
and also it will install mentioned above group of rpms. I tried to add them to proper folder (as in link) but choosing software
tab was missing in installation GUI.

What should I do, to archive proper installation process, which will install X Window System and Mate desktop:
* How should I modify the kick-start file (.ks)?
* What to do in system-config-kickstart GUI setup.
* Can someone who is well expierienced in kiskstart installation setup, send me a priv, and we can talk in details about it??

Best regards.

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