Antivirus for Centos 7.5

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Antivirus for Centos 7.5

Post by Inishev » 2018/10/16 08:13:02

hi guys
I need antivirus for Centos 7.5
Now we use Kaspersky Endpoint Security Linux but it's very not-stable software.
I consider dr.web, eset, sophos, avast.
I need antivirus with Proactive cyber defence

What you use for Proactive cyber defence?

p.s i know about SeLinux, but for our infrustructure need antivirus

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Re: Antivirus for Centos 7.5

Post by hunter86_bg » 2018/10/18 15:48:41

I have used only ClamAV for a file server, as most of the clients were windows-based. It worked, but the on demand scan was slow for larger files, but that was on a machine with 4 cores.

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Re: Antivirus for Centos 7.5

Post by espressobeanies » 2018/10/18 17:08:14

Don't forget rkhunter for rootkits. If you want commercial, that's a tough one to find for Linux. Typically Linux doesn't need antivirus.

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