git version on centos7

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git version on centos7

Post by yidong0635 » 2019/05/16 01:59:13

I found that the git version on centos7 is about 1.8.. it does't supprort "git -C",
Is there a version to support that? thanks!

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Re: git version on centos7

Post by Mike_Rochefort » 2019/05/16 06:09:43

The IUS repository provides access to newer mainline got versions. You can also use the SCL repo (yum install centos-release-scl) and install the variant of git you want through that. Currently available;

1.9 (git19: sclo)
2.5 (sclo-git25)
2.9 (rh-git29)
2.12 (sclo-git212)
2.18 (rh-git218)

To use the SCL git, either use ‘scl enable’ or source the enable file in the /opt/{rh,sclo}/<git-version> directory. The IUS git conflicts with the main repo git and its related git-perl packages, so you’ll have to remove them first and make sure they never get installed.


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