Server hang up during reboot with centos7.2(1511)

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Server hang up during reboot with centos7.2(1511)

Post by arlen_yi » 2017/05/18 04:35:43


I installed CentOS 7.2.1511 on my server(Intel Skylake E3-1275 v5 CPU, AMI BIOS), and encountered an issue that the server hangs up randomly during CentOS reboot and the BMC SEL reports CPU IERR asserted simultaneously. I'm sure that OS has been fully shutdown, but before system(CPU) resets. I did more tests and found that it's related to OS boot mode: UEFI mode doesn't have issue, Legacy mode fails. Besides, the issue can't be reproduced with Centos7.0 or the latest Centos7.3! any suggestions? Thank you.

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Re: Server hang up during reboot with centos7.2(1511)

Post by TrevorH » 2017/05/18 06:24:29

Update to 7.3 then if that works. 7.2 is unsupported and will receive no more updates (7.3 _is_ the update). As soon as the next point release comes out, the previous one is deprecated and receives no more updates. You should be running 7.3 in any case as there are high severity bugs in 7.2 that will never be fixed (except by updating to 7.3).
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