Graphics Card Issue

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Graphics Card Issue

Post by Virtualbob » 2017/09/05 15:55:09

Hi All,

I currently have a system that has a R9 390 GFX card installed.

It was working about 6 months ago or so, but it stopped after an update at some point which I can not remember when. I believe it is due to the graphics card (based on intuition only) but I am not sure how to 100% confirm this.

Is anyone able to help me understand how to confirm this theory through looking at logs or what-not?

Would appreciate any help before I go out and buy a shiny new Nvidia card.

Spec if it helps: Asus Sabretooth 990FX R2.0 --- 8GB MSI Rad R9 390 Gaming --- AMD FX-8350 --- 32GB RAM

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