Is the hdd is dead?

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Is the hdd is dead?

Post by latera » 2017/09/10 09:58:07

My server uses ssd(256GB) and hdd(2TB)
ssd mapped with /root and /swap
hdd mapped with /home

But since last night, the hdd couldn't work.
In bios, i can see the hdd but the size is 0

and pvscan and pvdisplay shows only the ssd

Is this hdd dead?


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Re: Is the hdd is dead?

Post by TrevorH » 2017/09/10 10:45:16

Sounds like it.
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Re: Is the hdd is dead?

Post by tunk » 2017/09/10 10:59:10

Not likely but it could be a bad contact: take out and reseat a few times the power cable and both ends of the sata cable.

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