Amd Threadripper 1950X

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Amd Threadripper 1950X

Postby ericho » 2018/01/12 04:15:43

Hi All,
I am in a need to get a new WS/Server. I am thinking of running CentOS on a AMD Threadripper platform with the idea of VM both windows server and centOS to capitalize on the crazy amount of TR's Threads and also I want to avoid the current kernel issue with intel chips.
After reading the forum, there are some concerns on networking, crashes etc... As of now could anyone advice whether CentOS can stability run on this?

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Re: Amd Threadripper 1950X

Postby hmg22 » 2018/01/15 09:32:55


I have installed Centos7.4 on my Threadripper box (also 1950x) and then updated the Kernel to 4.14 from elrepo. Seems stable running a lot of Gromacs tests, with all cores and both GPU's (Geforce 1080's).
Motherboard is an Asus Prime X399-A.